In seeking optimal solutions to fulfill sustainability priorities, we developed affordable Planet and People friendly solutions for air quality, water damage, flood, leaks, moisture, mold, fire, smoke, sewage, asbestos, lead, radon and HVAC duct through 24/7 testing, remediation and restoration, when appropriate working closely with insurance companies through their Xactimate software. We are trained, licensed, experienced and insured technicians and problem solvers, not salespeople. We are BBB “A” rated and 5.0-star on Angi’s List and Google.  We value timeliness, do a great job, focus on desirable client results and produce high customer satisfaction.  We never leave a project unless you are happy.  We look forward to doing business with you. Click on a service tab now and allow us the goal of delivering extraordinary service. If you still feel compelled to learn more about us — what’s inside our clock that makes us tick, feel free to read as far below as your curiosity and time take you.


William Whipple founded the firm on the premise that building competitive advantage for the Amero brand dictates that we develop a differentiated product and service lineup consisting of leading-edge solutions for clients that protect the environment and sustain the planet. The delivery of environmental solutions is the central challenge and vision behind establishment of Amero Environmental Solutions. Through our team’s commitment to People, the Planet, engineering controls, analytics and problem solving, we produce environmental solutions. We are intrinsic problem solvers meeting the needs of our clients and the environment. We realized that excelling for our Amero clients and building replicable success involves solutions that we will deploy over and over again. Our team and partner friends and family already possessed and exceled at numerous of the essential building blocks. Moreover, these services would strongly complement the business, bring quality controls, reduce costs and enhance overall performance.

Our physical lives, every year, month, day and minute, are a temporal God gift for obedience to use every inch of runway for building everlasting impact. At Amero, we rarely sit idle even when sitting still. Early on during COVID-19, while segments of our business were frozen and many people were hunkered down missing chunks of their lives, we did something more powerful than merely seek opportunity. We embraced the future that sought to emerge through us. With the roadways clear, we could run faster, pivot with greater agility and laser focus, market and product researching, writing business plan, performing financial analysis, incorporating, developing presentations, training, certifying, licensing, recruiting, procuring and building Amero Environmental Solutions based on founding principles that compliment, synergize and propel forward our mission to make a difference, change lives and leave the planet better.

Though you may expect us to be among the first to adopt or develop proprietary technology, we are technology agnostic in the sense that we are tied to no one technology or product. Instead, we are committed to delivering optimal solutions for clients and the environment. Our clients can expect us to work with them as partner to develop those solutions and to fluidly pivot to new technology and solutions based on realities and dynamics of the marketplace. This approach better serves the needs of our clients and the environment while maintaining our competitiveness. To punctuate this by example, Blockbuster was fixated on delivering videos tapes rather than entertainment content. Natural osmosis should have gravitated us as an early adopter to pivot and embrace streaming video content to maintain competitive advantage. Yes, even working with natural competitors as strategic partners to produce value-added solutions, exponentially more powerful than sum of the parts. We have already made major strategic and product pivots without an iota of deviation from our central mission. You can’t ride the wave without looking ahead to see it coming. We are prepared to mobilize people and equipment for the largest scaled projects. No job is too large nor too small. Amero being multidimensional with congruous geographic and client coverage brings enhanced efficiencies.